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Rebecca has over 12 years of experience in starting, building, selling, and beauty. She’s a makeup artist, beauty therapist, trainer & assessor, cosmetic tattooist, laser tattoo removalist, and business coach.

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Key Points

  • Systems and consistency are the stepping stones to start feeling successful.
  • What makes you happy? What does your future successful self look like? how can you show up as them now?
  • Ask yourself what success looks like to you and how you can start living that life today.
Creating a Success Mindset for PMU

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Show Transcription 

In today's episode, I'll be talking about creating a success mindset, laying the foundations for your future successful self, and why it isn't as easy as some people think.

So I recently met with a friend, and we were discussing some issues that a lot of our students seem to be facing when they start out in business. And this is spending more than you are earning and not breaking even, which is a really common issue that so many people find when they start a small business.

Now the solution to this is to obviously look at your profit and loss statement and pull back on the things that are not moving the needle and apply it to more time and energy to take the things that will bring you more sales.

But the glaringly obvious answer is to also raise your prices. Now I'm sure you've heard this before that the quickest way to double your income is to double your prices. But when we're starting out in business, and we think about our own worth and our own value, sometimes it's really hard to double your prices and increase your prices because you just don't think that people will pay it.

And that's where this topic comes into mind. And talking about a success mindset. So all of this got me thinking, because I know when you start out, raising your prices, is good in theory, but you constantly find yourself discounting your services to get people in the door. And this has the opposite effect that what you're aiming for. Because if you're discounting your services, it has that subconscious effect that thinks, Oh, I'm not worth enough, or you know, it's not working, or this business is just not for me. And I should just go back to what I was doing before.

A success mindset isn't something that comes overnight. Because if it did, well, then business would be easy. Well, you know, easier.

It is something that you need to work out every day to put real work into achieving. So in my opinion, success mindset starts when you start to build systems in your day to be the person you want to be in the future. And you've probably heard it as well that if you have a vision of who you want to be, you start being them today, because success comes when you start doing even though you're not ready.

So that could look like waking up earlier or going to the gym batching and chunking your work, so that you can optimize your zone of genius, whoever you want to become, you need to start taking small steps to transform into them every day.

The other issue that we have when we talk about success mindset is knowing you are worth it. So you can't fake this, you need to be able to believe that the service you are offering is worth the money. Because if you don't believe it, then your client is going to sense that too. And knowing that you're worth it comes from the mindset of putting your customers first.

I talk to a lot of students when they first start to learn cosmetic tattooing with me. And I asked them you know, why do you want to learn cosmetic tattooing what got you into the industry. And it's really disheartening for me to hear that some students get into the industry to earn a certain amount of money a week, because it's been advertised to them that way. And that actually breaks my heart because you don't get into cosmetic tattooing to get dollar value. At the end of the week, you get into cosmetic tattooing to change your client's lives, to find the solutions to their problems. And you are the service provider that is your job.

It's not your job to rip people off. Not saying that that's everyone's intention. But sometimes when people get into this field for the wrong reason, it has that effect. And it has that icky feeling for most customers that like okay, you just want to charge this much because you're just here for a paycheck.

So when you look at a sick success mindset, and you're trying to figure out yes, if you're worth it, and you're trying to make this feel natural to you. If you're in the industry for the wrong reasons, it's never going to feel natural to charge that much because you think you get this feeling of imposter syndrome. So when you are changing your mindset to how much you are worth in this industry, you really have to put your client and your customer at the center of everything you do.

You're providing them with this beautiful service that they can't get anywhere else. No one else can do the job that you do, and you have to understand why you're charging this much and see the value in yourself before your customer will see the value in it.

The very last thing that I want to leave you with, with a success mindset is I want to ask you, what does success look like to you?

Success looks different to everyone. And to me, it's not a monetary value. It's the option to live my day as I want to incorporate my family life and my business life, to not lead the normal nine-to-five job. It's to explore my creativity to help others and to grow with my students in this amazing industry.

This is a question that I asked myself at the start of every year and halfway through each year, actually. And having this question actually helps me realize my goals in the coming months and helps me plan out my year, so that I am always working towards this idea of success and this idea of life that I want to live. So this question is really important. And I would like to leave with you to think about and you know, map out your own journey.

Decide what a perfect day looks like to you. And if you're happy to live that every day, and then put the plan in place to work towards that and to figure out who your future self is, and start showing up as them today.