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Key Points

  • How long the course will go for
  • Who can train the new diploma
  • What is going to be included
  • Why you should choose the diploma of a short course
Diploma of Cosmetic Tattoo

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Diploma of Cosmetic Tattoo

Show Transcription 

Hi, and welcome to this episode of our podcast.

Thank you so much for tuning in. I can see there are quite a few new listeners. And I am so grateful to have your ears to tell you all about our topic today.

So this is my first podcast back after having my beautiful baby boy at the end of October and I am excited to start bringing you your podcasts each week again, so make sure you subscribe to get notified when a new one is released.

Today I'm going to be talking about the very exciting and long-awaited topic of the diploma of cosmetic tattoo that will hopefully fingers crossed be finalized and released mid to late 2022.

So if you didn't know already, there is a huge buzz in the industry at the moment around this new qualification. The reason that we're all so excited about the release of this qualification is because it will mean that there is actually going to be a governing body that will qualify artists in this field.

So at the moment, there is no formal qualification that you're required to perform cosmetic tattooing. The only certificate that you may need is your maintain infection control certificate and you actually don't even need this in some states in Australia.

Technically speaking in some states, you can train yourself on YouTube and then perform cosmetic tattooing without ever having done any hands on training very scary.

Thankfully here in Queensland, you do require maintain infection control certificate, so at least you know how to minimize the risk of cross contamination in your salon if nothing else, but this brings me to my next point, cosmetic tattoo courses and training centers. I personally have a bee in my bonnet about this topic.

And I feel that there is a lot of inadequate training being offered for a ridiculous amount of money at the moment in my research, the average cost of cosmetic tattooing course is five days, and it costs around $8,000.

Now in my cosmetic tattooing training, I did pay this I went for five days of training, and I paid probably around $8,000 For my training.

However many years ago that would be I think it'd be about eight years ago now.

But I actually have a background in beauty. So a lot of the topics that we covered in cosmetic tattooing, I already had a basic understanding of in beauty and I also have my qualification in makeup as well. I was equipped with the knowledge that I needed to go into cosmetic tattooing. But those of you or those artists who don't have any base knowledge in beauty or makeup can go and do this cosmetic tattooing and five days is not enough time to learn and understand skin understand wound healing, understand makeup trends, how to correctly shape someone's eyebrows, or do their makeup to suit their face five days is not enough time to learn all these things that you need to know and I feel a lot of new artists or people getting into the industry are getting taken advantage of by these training centers that are selling their reputation rather than what they can actually provide the student which is adequate training and there aren't that many out there that I would recommend.

So with this new qualification, the most exciting part for me is that it will need to be delivered through a registered training organisation so an RTO and at the end of the course, you will receive a nationally accredited certificate.

And there may even be options for VET fee help from the government, which means everything will be legit.

Of course vet fee help will mean that you can get financial help from the government to complete this training. So I should add here, there is currently a unit offered by RTOS that you can obtain that is nationally accredited, which is designed to provide cosmetic tattooing.

However, it isn't necessary for you to have this to operate as an artist at the moment. So since the diploma will be delivered through RTOS, only then a set timeframe will be outlined for this qualification. And a typical diploma course runs for one to two years.

Finally, we will have a cosmetic tattoo course that will teach you absolutely everything you need to know about how to start your cosmetic tattoo career, and it will be spaced out in a reasonable timeframe instead of three to five days, which is just not enough time to ask all the questions and learn everything you need to know.

I don't know if you can tell by the excitement in my voice. But I am so excited about the release of this diploma mainly because it's going to create a standard in the industry of where all the artists need to be to operate as successfully as they want to.

If you are one of those artists who feel like they didn't receive the training that they wanted, or they feel like their training was a little bit inadequate and you need some extra help to get from where you are now to where you want to be. I do mentor artists in this area to help them build their confidence. So if this is something that you wanted chat to me about feel free to just email me, I'm always free for a chat. And I just am so passionate about helping others that I would love to know how I can help you.

Thank you so much again for listening to this podcast today.