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Key Points

  • Why Bronson is a game changer for consultations
  • What to tell you client when you send them home after drawing on a stencil
  • Why Bronson over normal eyebrow tint
How to use Bronson in PMU

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Show Transcription 

Have you ever wondered how you can show your client what their brows are gonna look like before you tattoo them?

Well, in today's episode, I'm going to tell you exactly how you can do that. 

So I get asked all the time, what are the best consultation methods for cosmetic tattooing? And how can you show your clients the most realistic version of their eyebrow tattoo before you get them done?

Well, my answer to that question is really simple. And it's from a product that's pretty brand new to the market, which is called Bronson.

Now, Bronson is an eyebrow dye, but it is a lot stronger than an eyebrow tint because it is a hybrid. So what it essentially does is it tends to the skin and it tends to hair for a longer period of time, then what eyebrow tint does, the reason that it's so great is that it actually tints the skin as well.

So you do have to be very careful when you're putting it on because you don't want it to tint outside the shape that you're going to draw. This is why mapping is essential when you're doing a consult with Brenton.

So applying Bronson in the consultation would be done for let's say a 30-minute consultation with your client, you could bring them into your salon, consult with them about their concerns, and any fears that they may have, and then take them into the treatment room, and then choose a color based on your consultation and then apply the product to their eyebrows. The key point that you do with consultations for a client is to send them home and get them to look at themselves in their mirror at their house.

Now I normally lead with this by saying to the customer, you know, for example, my customer can be Shirley.

I would say "Shirley, make sure that when you go home, you have a look at yourself in your mirror in your bathroom. Because this is where you're going to see yourself 100% of the time, I want you to have a look at the shape, I want you to have a look at the color. And I would like you to have your husband share his opinion as well as your friends. Then when you come back for your treatment, I want you to share their feedback with me as well as your own feedback and how you thought that they looked."

And if they felt like you now telling your customer that you want to make sure that her eyebrows feel like her is important as well, because you don't want her to go away and think that I'll get these are on trend. This is what must be in fashion. We don't want them to get eyebrow tattooing based on what's in fashion. We want them to get them based on whether they feel beautiful, or whether they feel like themselves or whether it gives them their old eyebrows back. But you get my point.

So using a product like Bronson really helps you to show the customer exactly what their eyebrows are going to look like once you tattoo them. And it allows you to see really how far outside their natural hair shape you can go without looking too ridiculous because as you know, has cosmetic tattooists if you tattoo outside the natural hair shape, you really can only go like half a mil either side of the natural hair before it starts to look really unnatural.

I will do a longer podcast on how you can perfect and systemize your consultation process. But for now, that is my advice on how you can create those finished brow look for your customer before you actually tattoo them on.