Why you need a Brand Photoshoot - With Claire from Oak Street Images

marketing small business Jan 18, 2023
Why you need a Brand Photoshoot - With Claire from Oak Street Images

In this blog post we are going to be chatting about brand photoshoots and why it's essential for you to have one. And what a perfect date to start organizing your calendar the new year new you.

Happy 2023!!

In this special blog post we have Claire from Oak Street Images to talk us through why you need a brand photoshoot and how it builds trust with your potential clients.

Claire is an amazing photographer that specializes in personal branding. Her business offers a one-stop shop for all branding and design. Not only does she help you with your photoshoot, but she can also provide new logos, social media templates, and website design.

Claire recently won her Local Business Awards, and is launching a new course online about brand photoshoots next year.

1. Why is a Brand Photoshoot so important for beauty businesses?

"It's important because it enables you to show up online for your customers. So it gives you the variety of images and videos as well to be able to keep the customers that you have and attract the customers that you want.

It's showcasing your business visually. It's really easy to sort of talk about it if you're a business owner, but being able to put that out there on social media and on your website is just as important.

If your clients like the way that you look, and if you look professional, especially in the beauty industry, if you look the part, they're going to warm to you more, but also, people trust you more when they can see you. So that's another really big issue is that if you don't have if you're not showing up, there's no trust there."


2. At what stage of business is a Brand Photoshoot necessary?

"At any stage is great. If you don't have anything that's perfect. If you're thinking of rebranding or refreshing what you've already got, that's a perfect time. It's really, good to know how you do what you want your online presence to look. So if you've got that sorted, then you're halfway there.

Personal branding is the whole package, and if you are just starting out you can really excel your business by showing up as a professional from the word go."


3. How often do you need to refresh your photos?

"For business, I would recommend every three months. It just depends on your turnover. I spoke to somebody yesterday in the beauty industry, they need to get new photos straightaway, because they've got their staff photo on their website.

I can do a shoot that will last a year, six to 12 months. I suppose is the short answer three months."


4. How would you showcase a Cosmetic Tattooist?

"It's the same method that I would choose for any business. And if we were doing a visual branding shoot, it would include photos of the salon behind the scenes, that atmosphere.

Little details products that you sell, and definitely, you know, lifestyle photos, I, that's what I sort of call them. If I use the eyebrow tattoo scenario, photos of that being done, as well as staff and headshots. And, that's because you can use your headshots to introduce your staff to your customers.

This is so important because a customer or a client turn up, and they know what to expect. So then you're a little bit more relaxed. And it just makes it a much more pleasant experience when they know what's happening."


5. Five Tips to prepare for a Brand Photoshoot?

  1. Preparation - "So when I do a shoot, I will send a planner beforehand, so that whoever's booked me gets to sort of sit down and have a read-through and have a really good think about what they want to have. I'm, I can turn up and just do what I think would be great, but that might not necessarily be what they need."
  2. Staff look amazing - "I would make sure that all of the staff are looking amazing. So hair done, makeup done. Especially if we're doing shots of you know, action shots where hands are involved. So lovely, nice nails, I mean, it's a great excuse to go and get prepped beforehand."
  3. Salon - "If you have the salon looking spotless, that's another great tip. So clear away all of the clutter. You know, the phone cords, computer cords, bits and pieces of things everywhere that, you know, generally lie around pens, clean wax pots and whatnot. Just make it all nice and clean and fresh, and maybe bring in some flowers or some candles, that kind of thing."
  4. Uniforms -  "Clean uniforms, you know, make sure everyone looks the same. If you don't have uniforms, make sure everyone's wearing either, you know, black or blue or white, not a sort of mixture of people because sometimes it's hard, you know, to get all your staff in for a shoot."
  5. Have Fun - "It's not daunting, it's but it can be fun. You know, it's not a chore. It's looking at it as a fun, exciting, you know, it doesn't matter if you might bring a glass of champagne to relax on the day, you know that you could do that."


If you would like to get in touch with Claire, or find out more about her course you can follow the link below.


If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below, or send me an email.

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