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beginners marketing small business Oct 10, 2022


Online presence is everything and your social media feed is one of the most effective forms of advertising as a cosmetic tattoo artist, it showcases your work and can reach many potential new clients (bonus it's free!). Creating a beautiful curated feed with images that highlights your work is more important than ever to assist in building your business. 


To make it easier and quicker to showcase your work I have collated a list of my top three apps to create professional high quality images for your cosmetic tattooing business. These apps will help you to highlight the quality of your work, remove skin imperfections and make before and after collages. 


  1. SplitPic- (Free- Offers In-App Purchases)


 This photo collage and image layout app is amazing for creating before and after images or showcasing different angles of your work by putting two pictures together with a blended border so there is no line in between. This creates a more aesthetically pleasing image for a flawless feed! There are many different layouts and special effects to choose from.


  1. Facetune or Facetune 2 ($3.99 per month to open all editing tools) 


This app is a must have for smoothing skin and reducing redness. As PMU artists we take images immediately after tattooing our clients so their skin is often red. With this clever little app you can smooth the face, re touch redness, even whiten teeth! There are endless filter options.Facetune 2 has a brilliant ‘Auto-Retouch’ function. With just one tap, your client’s skin will look fresh and smooth.


  1. Over- now godaddy studio ($14.99 per month or $99.99 per year)


Create and design graphics with ease with this editing and graphic design app. It's amazing for creating eye pleasing before and afters, blurring edges and backgrounds and applying writing over your images to include a watermark logo or info on the treatment. 


I know editing images and creating the perfect social media feed can be very time consuming and as small business owners we don't have extra time to waste. I hope these apps help make it an easier, more seamless process. If you have any questions, or would like to know more please reach out to us via email:

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