Best Brow Pigments for New Artists

beginners eyebrow tattoo pigments Oct 03, 2022

When we create a work of art on the canvas of our clients' faces we use our talent.  Something that we have spent many hours perfecting.  Long days and nights and lots of hard work.  So when we master our art of creating defined, crisp brow lines we also need to make sure that the products we are using have our back. So how do you know which pigment is the best for cosmetic tattooing?


A brow pigment can make or break your hard work and there are so many factors to take in.  Does the pigment work WITH you? Does it work with the majority of skin types? With that, I mean - Does the pigment you use work with oily skin and super dry skin and does it work with both young and older skin?


With so many brands on the market today it can cost you a fortune in trials and finding the best pigments that work with you. Of all the different brands we have used I have fallen in love with Tina Davis ‘I <3 Ink’ collection of brow pigments.  Her formula is innovative, smooth and has proven results.  They are easy to work with and also have proven results from many well known artists world-wide.  Elaine Camplin, an idol of mine, shows the power of these pigments in her work.

Vegan and Cruelty free, this brand is widely recognized internationally and is also available via a lot of retailers here in Australia.  A competitively priced brand being easily accessible is also another thing that makes the Tina Davis collection one of my favourites.  The collection of colours is simple and not overwhelming, you can buy individually or as a collection and Tina Davis also offers a shading solution to help dilute the pigments for that smooth, washed ombre transition.


For the artists’ who do a lot of colour correction I would highly recommend the Tina Davis ‘I Ink’ collection teamed up with the Perma Blend range of colour correction pigments to work with the current ink you will be covering.


These pigments heal to their true tone, have a high pigment zone and are ready to use with no mixing required! If you are just starting out or are currently unhappy with the results you are seeing in your current pigment you will not look back should you make the switch to Tina Davis.  I hope this helps to give some clarity on why it’s important to choose the best pigments as a beginner. It will set you up for long term success in your business. 


If you have any questions, or would like to know more please reach out to us via email:

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