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beginners diploma Aug 29, 2022

Welcome to this blog post! Today I will be answering some of the questions that I've had in regards to the new release of the Diploma of Cosmetic Tattoo.


I do want to tell you the reason that I know all this stuff is because I was trained as a teacher and assessor I have done my qualification in Tae through TAFE. And I am qualified to teach people cosmetic tattooing. Being qualified to teach cosmetic tattooing is a completely different topic that I can talk about for hours because I love to go off on tangents.


But I'll try to stick to the key points of this blog post. 


So the first question that I got a lot from other artists was would they have to do the diploma again if they already completed accredited training before? So the answer to that question is yes … and no. The answer is a little bit more complicated but pretty easy to understand. So I'll give you a really great example. As you know, I hold a lot of qualifications. I'm a makeup artist, a beauty therapist, a hairdresser, cosmetic tattooist, a laser tattoo removal list, and a teacher and assessor but in this example, we're going to be talking about my makeup diploma and my beauty therapy diploma. 


My makeup diploma was what I completed first and then when I went to do my beauty therapy diploma, there are units in the Beauty Therapy diploma that correlate to the makeup diploma units such as color theory, applying makeup, consulting with clients, these units in the makeup diploma that I had already completed, I didn't need to redo in the Beauty Therapy diploma. The reason I didn't need to redo it was because one obviously I had already done it but two was because the makeup diploma units were still current, they weren't superseded yet (this is very important).


If you have completed a qualification, let's say for example, you completed the qualification in 1990. And now the year is 2020. And you want to complete the Beauty Therapy diploma with the units that you learned in makeup in 1990. Those units will no longer be current, you will need to do the new current units. 


When you're getting the unit transfers which are actually called credit transfers, you have to make sure that they're current for them to apply. Now when you go to any teaching Institute admin will normally go over with you what units you have previously completed in prior qualifications and see if you can get credit transfers for them in this qualification that you're going to complete. So for those artists who have done the SHBBSKS003 design and provide cosmetic tattooing, which was the previous qualification for cosmetic tattooing. 

Unfortunately, this particular unit has been expanded into the whole diploma, so the unit itself is null and void and no longer exists, which means it doesn't transfer over as a credit transfer to this new diploma. 


However, there is another pathway that you can go down and it's called RPL. So recognition of prior learning now recognition of prior learning means that you as the artist have the capabilities to perform all the tasks in the diploma for example, but you just don't want to complete the diploma because you already have those skills acquired. 


In order to get RPL it is a completely different pathway to going and learning the diploma, you have to submit evidence of your work to say that you could do the tasks. So for example, the new diploma you have to have six eyebrows, six eyeliners, six lips, and you have to do the touch ups as well for all your clients in order to pass which is fantastic. Because of those of you who have completed cosmetic tattoo training, you will know that you probably didn't do the touch ups on your clients and you never got to see what they looked like and you're kind of like oh well I guess I'll figure it out when I open my own salon. And that is always a very steep learning curve. 


So with this diploma, now you have to do the touch ups of your models. If you're going through RPL, you have to provide photo evidence to say that yes, these are the pictures of when I did the tattooing, these are the healed pictures for six individual models of all the areas that you want to be accredited for, you will also have to complete the written tasks, so the written exams, and possibly the assignments that are associated with the diploma. So that is a really basic explanation of RPL. 


When you go through a registered training organisation, they will have the set guidelines on how you can obtain recognition of prior learning, and they will give you a checklist of what you need to submit to them in order to get up here well, so once you get RPL for the diploma, you will then have the qualification of the diploma through the appeal pathway, but it's not necessarily as easy as it sounds, it does sometimes feel like it would be the easier option, but providing the evidence that you can do the work is often a lot harder than you think it is. 

The second question that a lot of artists were asking me is how it will affect them long term, will it be mandatory? Now this is a question that I can't answer confidently because no one knows for sure. But I would expect if I am making an assumption is that in the future if you are a cosmetic tattooist, you will need this qualification in order to be employed. 


If you're the type of person who doesn't want to be employed as a cosmetic tattooist and wants to open their own salon, I would still assume that this particular qualification is going to be needed by counsel for you to get your personal appearance services license for cosmetic tattooing. So those are my assumptions. 


But at the end of the day, I just think it is such a great idea to learn the diploma because there is no possible way that you can fit everything that you need to know into five days of learning, cosmetic tattooing, it has to be a long term thing and you will get so much more out of the diploma course than what you can anticipate. 


So I hope that answers your questions. If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me or direct message me on social media. I'm always willing to talk about this. This is such an exciting topic for me and I love talking about it. I am extremely passionate about it. And I hope that you got something out of this blog post.


It's always a pleasure to talk to new artists and returning artists if you've been here before, so if you have a topic you'd like to know more about, please email us at [email protected]


Much Love,


Never stop learning 💕


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