How to Lighten Cosmetic Tattoo's

beginners tattoo removal Oct 24, 2022

When you first start learning cosmetic tattooing, there is so much to take on and I think one of the biggest things new artists think is “okay, this is great, but what happens if something goes wrong?” 


And I'm here to tell you that there are solutions out there and there are things that you can keep on hand in your trolley, in case there is a “whoopsie” or a little accident occurs while you are tattooing because you may get startled, you may step out of the line and not even know that you've stepped out of your outline. And you just need something that can quickly wipe away your error and that you know will have faded it enough that it's not visible by their follow-up appointment. 


So with that being said, that leads me to the Li-Ft lightening solution. Now lift lightening solution has been around for a really long time. It was developed by Taryn Darling from Girlz Inc, and in conjunction with Li pigments as well. It is a solution that uses a process called osmosis to work in the skin. 


Now the only two ways that we can lighten or remove cosmetic tattooing is via saline removal, which is the Li-Ft lightening solution or laser tattoo removal. Now laser tattoo removal does have its limitations as well.


  • if you have a cosmetic tattoo done that has ferric oxide in it, the laser will actually turn ferric oxide black permanently if it touches it. So say you have ferric oxide and your lip tattoo and you don't get a patch test and you get laser tattoo removal, your lip tattoo is going to be turned black permanently. Yikes
  • Laser tattoo removal also can only be done by medical professionals on eyeliner, in Queensland
  • ome laser tattoo removals in some states in Australia can only be done by a medical professional. 


So as therapists we are limited to what we can have on hand. And what we can access in order to you know, correct anything or even change another artist's work to help the client.


 So for example, if a client comes in with bad tattooing done previously somewhere else, then you can use saline removal or laser tattoo removal. So saline removal is a really important tool that you have on hand. And as a new artist, I want to help equip you with everything that you need in order to become confident, and I want you to have that confidence to know that if something goes wrong, you can fix it, and there is a way to fix it. 


So there's a few ways that saline removal can help whiten your tattoo or help a tattoo that you know to become a mistake or something along those lines. So the first way that it can help is it can actually lighten the amount of saturation in the pigment, making it easy enough for you to then color correct. And it can also help if, during a treatment, you thought oh no, I stepped outside the line. Let me just rub a bit of lift solution in there and it will help to lift that pigment out immediately before it has the chance to heal in the skin. So it's there for straight after you're tattooing while you're tattooing if something happens, but it's also there to correct any other artists work. If you need to adjust it in order to give your client the result that she's after. 


I am such a huge advocate for Li-Ft lightening solution because I think that it is so important to have to give you confidence that you can you know take on anything in moderation as a new artist earlier in my career when I saw a lot of artists doing camouflage work on eyebrows to help hide the pigment. And the way that they would do camouflage work is they would use a really light pigment that has titanium dioxide in it so it's like a white or a concealer color. And to cover over they would tattoo over the unsightly areas in order to cover it up. 


Now what actually happens is titanium dioxide will become really strong pale colored over time, almost like a pale green. And it becomes very obvious that there is artificial color in the skin. So a camouflage technique to correct the color is not the answer, you have to lift the color out, and instead of putting more color in more color is not going to help the situation. 


So how does the lightning solution work? 

Well, it's pretty simple actually, it works by using a process called osmosis. So the way that osmosis works is it uses salt or salt solution to lift the pigment up through the skin. And what the salt does is it draws the moisture particles, such as the pigment to the solution, which is the lift solution and helps to lift it out of the skin to scab up on the surface and flake off. 


Now, as you can imagine, this process does take a number of appointments. But it's not unlike laser tattoo removal, if you're going to get laser tattoo removal, you can see your therapist for anywhere from five to 12 appointments just like laser hair removal. 


So as most of you are probably seeing them anywhere from I would assume two to six appointments. But it can take more it can take less. It is really dependent on your client and your treatment. Now Li-Ft solution is made by Li pigments and is regularly manufactured under the lab in sterile conditions. 

It's also independently tested for safety. It's a non-acidic, high, concentrated, saline-based solution. And the reason it's so special is because it doesn't just contain salt. It contains lemon extract and orange extract for fading and exfoliation. And also aloe vera to help skin condition. 


Li-Ft solution is so vital to have. And there are a lot of other solutions out there. But in my opinion, lift is by far the best. And it's because of Teryn Darlings experience and her knowledge in my opinion is unmatched. There is so much information in her training. And there is so many case examples and so much support in their feedback group that I would say it is the best lightening solution training out there. 


So if you are looking for a little bit more confidence when you are starting out, invest in a lift lightning solution training. Keep investing in yourself. And just keep striving to know as much as you can about cosmetic tattooing and how you can keep delivering the best results for your clients. 


It’s always a pleasure to talk to new artists and returning artists. If you have a topic you’d like to know more about, please email me at [email protected]


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