How to Take Deposits as a New Artist

Sep 12, 2022

In this blog post, we're gonna be talking about deposits, how you can take them during a consultation and if you need to refund them or not if a client cancels. 


I had an email recently from one of our listeners, asking me how she can streamline her consultation process a little bit easier. And if you can take deposits as a beginner, for streamlining your consultation process. I have answered this question in one of my other blog posts called “consultations”. But today we're going to be talking about deposits.


Deposits are a really tricky thing. I played around a lot with this when I had my salon on taking deposits and not taking deposits. What I found was the word deposit generally tends to indicate that you're securing a spot for someone and that it is refundable. Now, when someone cancels last minute, you know, within the 48 or 24-hour timeframe, depending on your policies, it is really difficult for you to refund the money because you've just allocated this two-hour timeframe slot for your client. So you feel like you should keep the deposit because it was a verbal contract with them that it was probably non-refundable. 


However, now they are threatening a bad review. And because you're a small business, you've just started out you don't want to run the risk. 


So how do we stop this from happening? I suggest that you restructure how you word deposits. My recommendation is when you've taken the time to do the consultation with the client talk her through the whole process. Instead of saying I will take a deposit to secure your appointment. My recommendation is that you take a numbing cream fee to be able to send the numbing cream to them or organize it, however you like to do it in your salon. 


So this fee is a $50 non-refundable fee because the numbing cream needs to be organized prior to the appointment. Now with this scenario, you of course will need to organize the numbing cream, you either need to get it sent to the client or sent to your salon whatever you feel comfortable doing. But this way, you don't have to give the money back because it's already in a product. And it's more feasible for the client to see where the money has been spent rather than for them to just ask for it back. 


Why is a Deposit Important?

Taking a fee, or a deposit as such for your treatments normally helps to weed out any time wasters or any fickle clients that are on the fence about booking the appointment or showing up on the day or not. If they pay for something, they are more likely to show up because they've made the commitment then and there, and then they mentally prepare themselves for the treatment in the upcoming days or weeks until they're booked in. 


So that is my recommendation for taking deposits. I would love to know what your policies and procedures are please leave a comment below. Please let me know how you take deposits. If you do take deposits if you have a non-refundable deposit policy if your non-refundable deposit policy has impacted your online reviews or your customer service. 


If you have any questions, or would like to know more please leave a comment below or reach out to us via email:

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