How to use Bronson to book more clients

beginners eyebrow tattoo Aug 15, 2022

Have you ever wanted it to be easier for your clients to imagine their brow transformations before you show them the final product?

I used to recommend that my students train in Henna to give their clients a “trial” of how their eyebrows would look after the tattoo treatment. Unfortunately, henna took a long time in salon and most of the students found it was time-consuming.

Lucky for us, there is a new product on the market, called Bronson

This product is an eyebrow dye. Which means that it lasts longer than a tint. It is used the same as eyebrow tint, but you just leave the solution on for longer (5-7min), easy.

Bronsun Lasts 7 days on Skin & 7 weeks on hair!

So how are you going to incorporate this into your eyebrow treatments? Well, the answer is simple. You do it during the consultation with the client. When your clients come in for a consult about their eyebrows, I suggest taking them into the treatment room where you can wax, shape, and dye their eyebrows exactly the same way you would for the tattooing treatment.

This allows them to “try them on” and see how they would look at home. Depending on the time taken, I would advise charging for this service if it takes longer than 15 min.

It is important not to rush your clients either, and to advise them that the colour will soften over the coming days. Tell them to let you know how they feel about the shape and colour, and make sure they go home and look in their bathroom mirror as this is the mirror they normally see themselves in.

From here I would follow up with your client after 1 week, get their feedback and book them in for their 1st appointment. If they are unhappy with the result, get them to come back in for a few more brow appointments before converting them into your tattoo clients. This makes converting more cosmetic tattooing clients easier and less stressful. 

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