Top 3 Machines for Beginners

beginners machines Sep 26, 2022

When you first enter the world of cosmetic tattooing it is such an exciting time! There are so many opportunities awaiting you; the idea of making your future clients feel fab from drab, contributing to their new found confidence after their shapeless and over plucked brows from high school were transformed into full, defined lines. All too swiftly be shadowed by overwhelm and confusion as you research the new, unfamiliar tools, products and accessories that you will need to invest in.


Let me calm some of that overwhelm for you and let’s talk about your first investment (after your top of the line course & training).  Your new Tattooing machine!


In a somewhat saturated market there have been some great innovative machines made after years of research and testing.  Engineered and collaborated with some highly experienced and well known artists.  And there has also been the exact opposite.  A quickly designed machine using cheap and weak products that can not only break after little use, they can also be unsanitary to the artist and the client.


This is why investing in your first machine should be just that - an investment.


There are three reliable and affordable machines that instantly spring to my mind when I think of beginner hands.


Firstly, the Rook Quill machine or better known simply as  ‘THE ROOK’

It is light and offers a very smooth vibration. A pen-style machine the ROOK will offer a tattooing experience as close as possible to using a paint brush. I think what we love most is that it is available in black, gunmetal and hot pink.


The next on our top three is the Spectra Xion - another pen-style machine that is slightly wider than the average which is great for those whose hands feel more comfortable with a larger grip.  A top of the line machine, it is comfortable, ergonomic and lightweight in design to allow for optimal manoeuvrability.


Now, in only wanting the best for my new industry friends I have saved the best and most affordable for last. 


The Dragonhawk Tour!  At just $349 for a kit she is sleek and lightweight which for beginners and experienced hands alike is beneficial to prevent soreness and cramping.  Having a high quality stainless steel spring inside the mechanism creates a direct hit together with enough softness of a very gentle vibration giving you smoother lines. A beautiful and tough exterior of solid rod of high grade aluminium is then polished and anodized and offered in tempting colours of Black and Hot Pink. 


This is our favourite machine for all kinds of work - lining, fine dot work, colour packing and shading.  An internationally renowned brand this wireless machine is our first investment recommendation for all cosmetic tattooist’s beginning their new careers in this amazing and supportive industry. 

Much Love,


Never stop learning 💕



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