Join cosmetic tattoo expert Rebecca Cody each week as she explores how to build your business from the start by positioning yourself as a specialist in cosmetic tattooing.


Rebecca has over 12 years of experience in starting, building, selling, and beauty. She’s a makeup artist, beauty therapist, trainer & assessor, cosmetic tattooist, laser tattoo removalist, and business coach.


Are you ready to build a waitlist of clients before you even start?
Listen to this podcast episode where I will be talking you through how to book your services out before you finish your course.

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Have you ever wondered how to market to your ideal client? In this episode, I talk to you about how to identify who your ideal client is and how to attract more of them to your business

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How to track your numbers and why understanding your budget and where money is being spent in your salon is POWERFUL!

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Today we talk about understanding where your clients ingrained beliefs of beauty stem from, the trends that impacted their makeup routine, and their idea of the "perfect" eyebrow.

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If you were a customer, would you give your business a 5 star review?
We explore the points on what it means to give outstanding service and you can take a closer look at your customer experience.

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Customer service is one of the fundamentals that you need to nail in order to create raving fans!

With business growth expanding so quickly the standard level of customer expectations is growing and we are becoming shorter on time but also more aware of what excellent customer service looks like.

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Commit to doing the work, results are the by-product. All that we can control is our intention and our effort, the rest will eventuate, or it won't. You must pivot to suit your client and serve them with the best intentions.

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In this podcast, we explore the options you have when first starting your business. I recommend a home salon to help you with steady business growth and to not over-commit yourself too early on.

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In this podcast, we are going to talk about the essential reasons why you need a brand photoshoot and how to get ready for one.

I'm speaking with special guest Claire from Oak Street Images who specialises in Brand photography and why they are essential to creating trust in the virtual space between you and your clients.

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In this episode we are talking about saline removal and why you need to have "Li-ft" lightening solution on hand at all times to give you more confidence as a new tattooist.

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In today's episode, I will talk about creating a success mindset, laying the foundations for your future successful self, and why it isn't as easy as some may think.

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Ever wondered how to make your photos look flawless for Instagram straight after a treatment?

These are my top 3 apps for cosmetic tattooists.

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Laws around pigments are changing and there are new legislations being introduced across the world. Find out the best packs for beginners to avoid any potential fines.

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Purchasing your first PMU machine is a big decision and an even bigger investment. In this episode, I talk about my top three machines for beginners and why I recommend them to my students.

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This week's episode talks about the book by Donald Miller "Building a Story Brand" and how to start developing your business story so your customers hear you over the noise of your competitors.

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Learn exactly how you can take deposits as a new artist, and how to avoid refunding the no-shows.

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As a beginner did you think you were ready to charge $999 for a lip tattoo? In today's episode we talk about realistic expectations for treatment prices, and what to know before you join the industry.

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How will the Diploma affect current artists and will it be mandatory? In today's episode, I answer your questions about the diploma and shed some light on how you can obtain the qualification as a current artist.

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Ever wondered if you're covering everything during a consult? Find out exactly what you need to cover and our top 3 ways to consult with your client.

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Have you ever wanted it to be easier for your clients to imagine their brow transformations before you show them the final product?

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Which technique is better and does your client's skin type really matter?
Find out what you should be recommending to your clients based on their skin type.

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Find out what are Fordyce Spots and how you can effectively cover them in a cosmetic tattoo treatment

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Needle Membrane


Are you exposing your clients to cross-contamination? Find out what a needle membrane is and how to test for them.

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Did you know there is a Diploma of Cosmetic tattoo planned to be released next year? Find out why it is the biggest buzz in the industry and how it may eventually impact you as an artist.

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Have you ever worried that your numbing cream is too strong for eyeliner treatments? Do you know you can potentially cause a cornea burn on a client's eye? In this podcast, I will tell you exactly why they happen and how you can avoid them during a treatment.

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Listen to this weeks episode where I share my Top 5 Cosmetic Tattoo Secrets that can improve your results and make you a more confident artist.

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Have you been wondering why you are not seeing as many microblading eyebrows on social media? It looks like everyone is focusing more on Ombre eyebrows and I'm here to share why.   How does microblade age in the skin?

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